How to use

This page is dedicated to how to use Zulu Trade. It is my hope that this information will prevent anyone reading it from getting stumped or confused when using this wonderful Forex trading program. First off I want to dispel any myths or misconceptions about this program. When it comes to Forex trading programs of this type there are no quick fixes, you will have to actually put in some leg work to become a successful trader. There are no shortcuts to success and programs of this nature should be used to make you tasks easier and never to substitute your learning of the industry itself.

Zulu Trade is merely a tool that helps you make an informed decision of which trades may be earners based on past performance. That being said you will have to learn market trends, how to research your trade and the way trading works for yourself in order to become successful. Now that this is out of the way let’s begin shall we.

Zulu Trade should first be downloaded onto your PC. From there you will be prompted to set up your account in a step by step fashion. Once you have your account all set up then you’re ready to start trading. To give you even more of a leg up I will break down a few of the key strategies that I personally used to make my Forex trading business successful. These strategies should be more than enough to get you started off on the right foot.
The first is the adjusting of the criteria of performances. I generally set my accounts up with the following parameters:
For profit percentage I strictly go for gaining experts with at least 70 to 80 % of trades.
My PIP (or the basic unit in the foreign exchange market) requirement is to only pick providers with at least 1000 pip of profit.
Next I filter out all the experts that have a PIP average of less than 5.
When it comes to criteria of safety I choose experts that have a weak draw down let’s say in with PIP that is lower than 500.
I also use the graph option to target suppliers with the aid of the green, regular crescent and graph.
Choose only experts that close their negative positions.
Choose only experts with 100 followers or more when it comes to the criteria of popularity.
Avoid being influenced by experts with a lot of stars by their name as this information is generally biased.
Skip over any expert that has a red triangle.
When selecting criteria of seniority I tend to go for experts that have more than ten weeks under their belt.
And lastly I select experts that have at the very least 100 trades in their threshold or more.

Happy trading!