Demo Account

Hello everyone and welcome to this article that is meant to create a Demo account with Zulu trade. It is my hope that this information will assist anyone reading it to understand what a Demo account is and how to successfully set up and use it.

It has become very common for new traders to read e-books etc, in an effort to get themselves ready for a career in Forex trading. However the bad part is that those information produce very limited learning, which usually is not enough to be successful at Forex trading. So how do you prepare yourself for trading? The answer is that experience is the biggest teacher so you simply have to just dive in and get your feet wet. Now when I say just dive in I do not mean that literally after all doing so could lose you a lot of money. Sadly enough many new traders are forced into this method of learning and they pretty much trash their first 2 or 3 accounts with trial and error just to gain a basic understanding of the ins and outs of Forex Trading.

Is there a better way to do this? Your darn tootin there is and it’s called a “Demo account”. What is a Demo account? Think of it as a trial run that allows you to learn from your mistakes and suffer no loss. The problem is that many new traders are either too impatient to set up one of these accounts or if they do, not enough time is spent learning with the Demo account. I recommend that all newbies use a Demo account for the first 3 months until they feel comfortable with Forex trading as a whole.

How do you set up one of these accounts? The following is the process broken down:

Step 1 – First you go to Zulutrade website and once you do you will see the home page like the one below. The next step is to click on the ‘Open Account‘ tab:

Step 3 – The next page will bring you to a screen like the one below. From there enter your personal information into the fields including the security code and hit the ‘Create my Demo Account‘ button.

Step 4 – You should then get a screen like the one below that asks you for an activation code. Leave this screen open and go to your email account to get the code that was sent to you. Once you have it, cut and paste the code in the box and your account is live and ready to go. (PS: You can also simply click the activation link in your email. This will make your account activated as well)

Happy trading!