Forex Trading System – Human or Robot?

28/12/2011 15:08

   Here we come to an interesting topic which is comparing the Forex trading robots that Zulu trade uses to a real live human being. If you are wondering just which option you should choose to do your forex trading then I strongly recommend that you continue to read on as the information contained in this article could help you decide which of the above ways will work best for you.

I will start off by saying that there are always two sides to a coin and Forex trading is no exception to the rule. In one hand you have those that prefer to deal with a real live person that they can get advice from to aid them in their investing ventures. And of course you have the evolution of Forex trading robots that give you the convenience of pretty much making your own picks with the aid of a little automation. Many investors will argue that a Forex trading robot simply cannot offer the years of experience that a real live human can. These robots have not learned from the trial and error that constantly makes us better men and women as we go through life. Then of course there is the communication issue that you may face when dealing with a human being. As much as we would all like a broker that is just sitting by the phone waiting to answer our every beck and call, this simply is not realistic.

However on the other hand the Forex robot is always there for you at your fingertips. If you need it to delivery information to you in the wee hours of the morning or on the holiday it will be there for you every single time. So what really is the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a human or robot to help you on your Forex trading endeavors? I guess what it really boils down to is what your personal preference is. Many have said that you can do a lot more with robot once you know how to work them versus human beings who have logic plus experience but are prone to error from time to time. The choice is ultimately yours to make just be sure to do so wisely. I hope this information has been useful and once again thank you for reading my articl